Welcome to Saint Chihuahua!


Welcome to Saint Chihuahua, where Latin-American and Asian flavors blend for an unforgettable feast.

You get to choose from every dish, whether you want it as a Taco, Burrito or Bowl. Not forgetting the wonderful desserts. 

A Latin-Asian Fiesta!

Latin American and Asian cuisines are both truly rich and diverse food cultures with their own unique flavors, ingredients and cooking methods. Tune your taste buds to authentic flavors and the best bits of both cuisines.


Enjoy the best of Latin American and Asian cuisines!

New Menu full of flavours

Latin & Asian kitchen

The menu is loaded with the best bits from Latin American & Asian cuisines! Welcome to the tour of flavours!

Saint Chihuahua

Can also be booked for private events.

The lovely 16-seats Saint Chihuahua offers the best setting for a night out.

In summer, you can also enjoy the cozy street terrace.

Order the best fiestas!