Welcome to Saint Chihuahua!

All over Latin America, there have been sightings of a small and sly creature that has been scurrying around sniffing the dishes of the best kitchens. According to the latest information, the creature shot into the sky, heading towards the northeast.

There have been several sightings of the mysterious object while it was flying at breakneck speed over the North Atlantic. The chef of a cargo ship sailing towards Europe also claims to have seen the creature rattling around in his kitchen.

The mystery is solved!

The kitchen sniffer was revealed to be Chihu, who decided to move to Helsinki to get to know new dog pals. He has just opened a restaurant where dogs can bring their humans to enjoy the best flavors of Latin America.

Saint Chihuahua’s lunch

Lunch is served from Monday to Friday at 11-14  
Ensalada – Salad 12,70 / Patata – Baked potato/Sweet potato 12,70
with side dishes of your choice!
(During 3.-30.7. no lunch, open Wed-Sat 17-23).

From Wednesday to Saturday

we are open in the evenings!

The menu is loaded with the best bits from Latin American cuisines! Welcome to the tour of flavours!

Saint Chihuahua

Can also be booked for private events.

The lovely 16-seater Latin American Botanas Bar y Cevicheria offers the best setting for a night out.

In summer, you can also enjoy the cozy street terrace.

Order the best fiestas!